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Join us at the Asian Art Museum on Thursday, March 27th 6:30-7:30pm for Yoga at the Museum. Practice yoga surrounded by art and architecture. $10 museum admission; Includes Yoga exhibition entry; Donate what you can for the class

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About Us

Our mission is to move people towards the things that move them. In our yoga practice, we start by unlocking our bodies only to discover we are unlocking the passion and creativity that lie inside each and every one of us. The Yoga Pop Up Project teaches yoga in spaces that are inspired by expression so that you can tap into your own creativity through movement...not to mention it’s a pretty rad way of getting to know your city!

We teach a vinyasa style class—meaning we get you moving, breathing, and having fun right from the beginning! Don’t worry if you’re new to yoga—we give options for all levels of experience in our classes.

About Casey

A former currency trader in New York City, teaching yoga was definitely not on Casey's original "life plan." However, as she continued going to class, a deep desire to share this beautiful practice with as many people as possible emerged. Casey's passion for yoga is obvious in her classes through her enthusiasm for technique and thoughtful sequencing. Her aim is to help students develop their own curiosity and fascination with yoga, their bodies, and their minds through a sweaty, Vinyasa flow.

Casey received her 200 hour training from Stephanie Snyder and is currently studying with Stephanie to complete her 500 hour training.

About Tricia

Tricia discovered yoga after a lifetime of studying movement (years of performing as a dancer and martial artist). As her dedication to the practice grew, her desire to share this powerful system with others lead her to teacher training and deeper study. Her hope is to help students feel with depth, move with bravery, and practice with joy. Tricia believes that yoga extends beyond the mat, which is why she hopes to move it beyond the studios. More information about her off-mat life can be found here.

Tricia received her 200 hour training from Stephanie Snyder.

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We're here for you! We're doing this to make yoga, art, movement, and community accessible for all. Email us with questions, join our community on Facebook, see us in action on Instagram, and sign up for email updates below so you'll never miss an event.